Virtual Storage Platform 3D Model

Excellent demo from Hitachi Data Systems about how storage can grow. If your a beginner to storage, you should see this video.


Differences Between High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Solutions and systems that address High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) have been paramount in preventing application downtime and its crippling effect on productivity and operational output. But the traditional differences between HA and DR have been blurred by new mechanisms introduced by emerging technologies. And while it is possible to provide HA and DR together, there are cases when it is important to keep the two activities separate in order to guarantee 24X7 access to business applications.

In The Shortcut Guide to Untangling the Difference Between High Availability and Disaster Recovery, author and IT expert Richard Siddaway examines HA and DR, and explains how understanding the many differences between the two will allow you to create a proper system to guard against application downtime. Siddaway offers his insight not only on how technology can be used in HA and DR solutions, but also how management of the human element must factor into any successful HA / DR solution.