Adding and inviting External users to SharePoint Online Sites

How do I add external users to my SharePoint online site? How to invite external users to my SharePoint online site to view my documents?

It’s possible to invite external users to SharePoint online by enabling allow options in Site Collections area and activating External Users Invitations features

1. Go to SharePoint Online | Administration Center | Site Collections |
Click on Settings | Manage External Users


2. Choose whether people outside your organization can be invited to access SharePoint Online as external users. External users can be granted access to any SharePoint Online resource.
Allow people outside your organization to be invited to access SharePoint Online.



3. The next most important step is to active your external users invitations features in Site settings | Site Collection Administration | Site Collection Features



4. Now Click on Site Actions | Share Site



5. Share your SharePoint Site window will pop up.
Browse for users to add to your site or type their e-mail address into the field provided. Separate multiple users with semi-colons.

Other then Hotmail or Live accounts may not work.


Now click on Share. This will send Share Your SharePoint Site notification to the user

SharePoint has sent invitation e-mail to the users.
The following user or users have been invited to the site. They will be added when they accept the invitation:

6. Login to your Hotmail account and you will see the invitation from SharePoint Online site. Click on Accept your invitations



The message you may get

Welcome to SharePoint Online
To accept your invitation, sign in with your Hotmail account OR Microsoft Online Services ID


Since I have Windows Live Hotmail account, I go head and click on Hotmail account and it logs me in using my Hotmail account


This is how you can invite or add external users to your SharePoint online site. 

Custom Domain with Office 365/SharePoint Online using Go Daddy account

How to setup custom domain for SharePoint online site if you have your domain name with Go Daddy?
In this blog, I will be showing you all the steps need to map your domain from Go Daddy to your SharePoint online site.

1. Log In to your Office 365 account and click on Domains and click on Add Domain


Specify Domain – Step 1


1. Type in your domain name in the filed and click on Check Domain


2. Check Domain will display your domain name, domain registrar and Registrant Name.  If all the information are correct, click next


Verify Domain  – Step 2

1. Use the table and instructions below to create a TXT record for a domain that is registered at Go Daddy.


  1. Sign in to your account at Go Daddy.
  2. Click the My Account tab.
  3. In the list of domain names, click the domain that you’re verifying.


  4. On the Domain Manager page, under DNS Manager, click Launch. The Zone File Editor page lists the DNS records associated with your domain.

    DNS Manager at Go Daddy

  5. Below the Text (TXT) list, click Quick Add.


  6. In the Host box, type or paste

    Adding TXT records for SharePoint Online in Go Daddy

  7. In the TXT Value box, type or paste v=verifydomain MS=ms17718044.
  8. In the TTL box, type or paste 1 Hour.
  9. On the Zone File Editor page, click Save Zone File.

    Save Zone File, Go Daddy

  10. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK.
  11. Sign out of the Go Daddy website. Wait at least 15 minutes for the changes to take effect.
  12. Return to Office 365 and click the Verify button below.

    Verify Domain for Office 365 for Go Daddy


Specify Services  – Step 3

The DNS record that you create to enable SharePoint Online for this domain by default restricts all other DNS records from working. You can configure DNS to work around this restriction so that you can use your domain with SharePoint Online together with other services. For more information, see Use SharePoint Online on a vanity domain together with other services.

Specify domain services for Office 365

Click next to continue

Office 365 Configure DNS has been added to your account . You can now use this domain with Microsoft Online Services.

Next step: configure domain

To configure your domain to work with Microsoft Online Services, click Configure DNS records below. To return to this step at a later time, click Close. Learn more

Next step: Configure DNS and set up your website

To create your website, and to learn about the DNS record you’ll need to configure to route traffic to your website, go to the SharePoint Online Administration Center


Now you can see your domain is active. Just click on the domain to see DNS properties


Configuring SharePoint Online URL to Custom Domain Name

1. Go to SharePoint Online Administration Center and Click on Site Collections

2. In site collections select your domain which you want to configure your custom domain and select DNS Information


When you use your own website domain, you must update its DNS settings so the site is visible on the Internet. To do this, sign in to your domain registrar’s site and create a CNAME record for the domain with the following target address:


It can take up to 72 hours for the new DNS settings to propagate throughout the Internet. During that time your site might not be visible to all users.

Copy and login into Go Daddy account and go to your DNS Manager

Go Daddy Says: Points to — Enter the host name you want the alias to point to. For example, type @ to map the alias directly to your domain name.
Reference: Add a CNAME Record

Configuring CNAME in Go Daddy for SharePoint Online

Click on Save and accept all the changes. 

Setting up custom domain to your SharePoint Online Site

1. Go back go SharePoint Online Site | Administration Control | Site Collections

2. Select your Domain and click on Web Site Domains

SharePoint Online Web Site Domains

Select a domain name from the list. To add new domain names to the list, go to Microsoft Online Services. Verified domains appear in the list when they are not in use by any other sites or services.

To rename your Website, select a new domain name from the list, and then click OK. After the name is changed, the DNS settings must be updated. To learn more about updating DNS settings, see DNS Basics .
Renaming the Website may change its functionality.

Select Domain Name for SharePoint Online SIte


Once your DNS changed from Go Daddy, your new domain will resolve your SharePoint Online Site.