PowerShell Command Builder for SharePoint

How to build PowerShell script in easy way for SharePoint?
Use PowerShell builder to create script for your SharePoint Farm Administration

Download all files in document library to Network Share in SharePoint

To download all the content of a list/document library from SharePoint to a file share. This script should ensure the folder structure of the document library to be replicated in the file share.


Using PowerShell to view Site created on the previous day

How to view name of the SharePoint sites which was created previous day?

$w= Get-SpWeb http://yoursite
Get-SPSite -Filter {$w.Created -eq $old}

PowerShell Tips for SQL Server


Creating Organization chart from Active Directory using Power GUI

Excellent post from Kirk Munro about how to

  1. Dynamically create an org chart from users in Active Directory using title, department, office, address, and other properties.
  2. Generate a Visio Org Chart from PowerGUI for the any branch of an organization.
  3. Create statistical reports for the employees in your organization to see breakdowns of employees by office, department, management, etc.
  4. Dynamically generate Office Directory reports in HTML when using it in conjunction with the Advanced Reporting PowerPack.
  5. creating organization chart from active directory using Power GUI