The Field Guide to Data Science

Understanding the DNS of Data Science


Data Science is the competitive advantage of the future for organizations interested in turning their data into a product through analytics. Industries from health, to national security, to finance, to energy can be improved by creating better data analytics through Data Science.

The Field Guide to Data Science

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Unleash Data Science Create scalable data products fast

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R: A Survival Guide to Data Science with R

  1. Templates for the Data Scientist
    1. A Template for Preparing Data: *OnePageR – *R
    2. A Template for Building Models: *OnePageR – *R

  2. Getting Started as a Data Scientist
    1. Getting Started with R and Rattle: *Lecture – *Laboratory
    2. Introducing and Interacting with R: *Lecture – *Laboratory
    3. BasicR – OnePage(R) – Writing R scripts
  3. Dealing With Data
    1. Read Data into R: *OnePageR – *R
    2. Explore and Summarise Data: *OnePageR – *R
    3. Transform Data: *OnePageR – *R
    4. Dealing with Dates and Time: (PDFR) Dates and Time
    5. Visualising Data with GGPlot2: *OnePageR – *R
    6. Visualising Data with Maps *OnePageR – *R
    7. Spatial (R) Spatial Analysis
    8. Handling Big Data *OnePageR – *R

  4. Descriptive Analytics
    1. Cluster Analysis: *Lecture – *OnePageR – *R
    2. Association Analysis: *Lecture

  5. Predictive Analytics
    1. Decision Trees: *Lecture – *OnePageR – *R – *Rattle
    2. Ensembles of Decision Trees: *Lecture – *OnePageR – *R
    3. SVM (R)
    4. KernLab (R)
    5. NeuralNetworks (R)
    6. NNet (R)
  6. Model Delivery
    1. Evaluating Models: *OnePageR – *R
    2. Evaluation (R)
    3. Scoring (R)
    4. PMML (R) Exporting Models for Deployment
  7. Advanced Topics
    1. Text Mining: *OnePageR – *R

  8. Advanced R Topics
    1. Plots (PDFR) Miscellaneous Plots
    2. Functions (PDFR) Writing Functions in R
    3. Parallel (PDFR) Parallel Execution
    4. Packaging (R) Pulling it Together into a Package
    5. Doing R with Style: *OnePageR – *R
    6. Literate Data Mining with KnitR: *Lecture – *OnePageR – *R


Facebook Tackles Your Love Life

The social network’s Data Science Team poured over piles of statistics to drum up the latest on love just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Skills needed to become a Data Scientist

 Sills needed to become  a Data Scientist
Sills needed to become a Data Scientist