Programmatic way to reboot EC2 instances

Sometimes we might have to reboot EC2 instances. If the requirement is to restart EC2 instances regularly, we can achieve it by writing a small piece of code. I also came across a similar requireme…

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How to create new policy in AWS

How to create new and modify existing policies in AWS

1. Login into AWS Console and go to Identity & Access Management



2. Click on Policies



3. Create Policy


4. When you click on Create Policy, following options will show up

Create Policy

A policy is a document that formally states one or more permissions. Create a policy by copying an AWS Managed Policy, using the Policy Generator, or typing your own custom policy.

Copy an AWS Managed Policy

Start with an AWS Managed Policy, then customize it to fit your needs.


Policy Generator

Use the policy generator to select services and actions from a list. The policy generator uses your selections to create a policy.


Create Your Own Policy

Use the policy editor to type or paste in your own policy.


You can either copy AWS managed policy or Create a policy using AWS Policy Generator. The other options would be create your own policy.

Copy an AWS Managed Policy


Create a policy using AWS Policy Generator:

The policy generator enables you to create policies that control access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) products and resources. For more information about creating policies, see Overview of Policies in Using AWS Identity and Access Management.


Create Your Own Policy in AWS

Customize permissions by editing the following policy document. For more information about the access policy language, see Overview of Policies in the Using IAM guide. To test the effects of this policy before applying your changes, use the IAM Policy Simulator.


Third Party Tools: