How to send EOS from Coinbase to LNKO Wallet

Are you a #HODLER? Let your crypto coin earn money while sitting in the wallet.

  1. Open your Coinbase wallet and click Accounts

2. Select EOS Wallet (You have option to select how many EOS you would like to send or use max to select all. Click Next

3. Click Next. In here, you need to enter following information. Make sure you double check, TO and EOS MEMO. If you don’t enter EOS MEMO, you will not get your EOS to LNKO WALLET.

4. How to find your EOS MEMO in LNKO WALLET?
Open LNKO WALLET and click Deposit

5. Once you Click Deposit, you have following wallets. BTC Total Assets, ETH Total Assets and EOS Total Assets. Click EOS Total Assets

6. Copy ADDRESS and ADDRESS MEMO. See STEP 3 now for how to send EOS from Coinbase to LNKO Wallet

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BTC Fund on LNKO Platform

Tips about #BTC Fund on #LNKO Platform #DeFi

The format of BTC address is similar to other digital

currency such as ETH. Please check carefully. Don’t

enter the wrong one, otherwise you may not be able to

retrieve it;

BTC network is sometimes congested. Depending on

the global bitcoin network congestion, your deposit

operation can take ten minutes to several hours. If your

BTC assets don’t arrive for a long time, it may be

caused by BTC network situation. You can check your

deposit status in BTC blockchain browsers.

BTC withdraw operation will deduct a small amount of

LNKO as service charge. And the miner fee has been

paid by LNKO platform so far.

LNKO’s distributed financial ecosystem relies on the

industry’s most advanced blockchain technology to

develop a diversified distributed financial business that

aims to create the next generation of leading DeFi

application development and giant blockchain platform.

It disrupts traditional business structures and builds an

open and innovative distributed business and financial


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How to Install LNKO Wallet in iOS

Biggest #DeFi project , LNKO is Growing. How to Install the wallet in iOS?
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1. Go To :

Install LNKO Wallet App

2. Click on View and download TestFligh

Install LNKO Wallet App

3. Once the download complete, click Continue and accpect terms

4. Install LNKO Apps

Install LNKO Wallet App

5. Clikc on No Account, Signup Now

Install LNKO Wallet App

6. Create new account.
Enter your phone number and change the country code
The filed below phone number is to enter password 
Enter the password again in the seccond filed

Install LNKO Wallet App

and complete the process by clicking “Signup