Employee Performance Evaluation Approval Process


1. Employee Performance Evaluation process created using Ultimus



2. Online form is developed using Ultimus and the manager can fill online employee performance evaluation form.


3. Employee Performance Evaluation form send to HR for approval


4. Once HR Reviewer approved the form, it goes to SharePoint as PDF file


Employee Performance Process

Sample Employee Performance Process automation.


Unable to log in as the maximum limit for BPM studio users has been reached

If you get this message when you try to login to Ultimus BPM studio it mean that you have orphaned connections.

Maximum Limit for BPM Studio users has been reached in Ultimus



Open BPM studio configuration module

Ultimus BPM Studio Configuration


Right click “Access Rights” and click “Active Users”


In Active Users, Disconnect the users which you see in the list and click done.  Now if you go and open Ultimus BPM studio, you should able to open

The Ultimus FloStation service on Local Computer started and then stopped.

The Ultimus FloStation service on Local Computer started and then stopped.

If you have a problem starting Ultimus FloStaton check the following


1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.

2. Double-click Administrative Tools.

3. Double-click Local Security Policy.

4. Open Local Policies.

5. Open User Rights Assignment.

6. Open Log On as a Service and Log On as batch Job

7. Add your Ultimus account if you don’t see there. If you see there and still having a problem, just remove and add it back again

Local Security Settings

8. Select the user you want to grant logon service access to and click OK.


Once that is done, go and Clear all the applications logs files and start the services and it should work. 

This worked for me.