When should you use Lambda over EC2?

– Changes to Amazon S3 Buckets
– Updates to an Amazon DynamoDb tables
– Custom events generated bu your application or devices
– Kinesis Streams

Serverless Monitoring Platforms

Serverless Monitoring Platforms

#1. IOPipe: This is a high fidelity metrics and monitoring services (like function performance metrics, real-time alerts, distributed stack traces, real-time dashboards) which allows you to see through your AWS Lambda functions for better insights into the daily operations and development of serverless applications.

#2. Dashbird: This works by collecting logs through AWS CloudWatch APIs. It has some distinct features like end-to-end serverless monitoring, error tracking and debugging which can help in performance and cost optimization.

#3. Stackery: This is a serverless console which provides an intuitive automation, predictable performance, and operational control. It is known for improving security, transparency, and reliability across the entire stack.

Famous Serverless Framework

Serverless-FrameworkServerles Framework : https://serverless.com/

– Apex : http://apex.run/
– ClaudiaJs : https://claudiajs.com/
– Sparta : https://gosparta.io/
– Gordon : https://github.com/jorgebastida/gordon
– Zappa : https://www.zappa.io/