Connecting Facebook and LinkedIn users to Office 365

LinkedIn integration is available worldwide to all users and Facebook integration is available to small business and student users in the US. We are working hard to enable this for our users worldwide. To learn more about Facebook and LinkedIn Connect, visit these links: FacebookLinkedIn .


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Upgrading to the New SharePoint Online

What to expect during upgrade

  • Office 365 customers will be notified approximately four weeks prior to their upgrade and will have the opportunity to postpone for a minimum of two months.
  • Review “What’s new in SharePoint Online–top 10” to start to plan how your company will take advantage of the new SharePoint Online capabilities soon to be at your fingertips.
  • Evaluate whether content and sites are “old” or “unused” – and if so, consider removing content or even whole site collections that are no longer necessary.
  • Review the ‘Known Issues and Design Changes’ section below.
  • Upgrade individual site collections as outlined below at your own pace – one at a time, or all at once to save time.

You can learn about all the Office 365 service upgrade options at the broader Office 365 Service Upgrade Center, including what you need to know about Exchange Online, Lync Online and Office client

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Link team site documents via the public website in SharePoint online

How to edit public facing web site in Office 365 and adding documents as a link from documents folder?
How to add documents to SharePoint Online site and link to site as a link?

1. Login to your Office 365 site and edit

Design and Edit your publich facing web site

2. Click All Site Contents in your left hand side of your site screen

All Site Contents SharePoint Online

3. When you go to All Site Contents, you may see several folders. Click on Documents folder to upload your documents (it can be MS office, PDF or any other format) to add this to your SharePoint online web site.

Adding documents to SharePoint Online Site

4. Once you click on document folder, SharePoint online will allow you to add single or multiple document. Click add document to upload your files to Office 365 web site. You need to browse and select the files

Add documents to Office 365 site

5. When you finished uploading your documents to SharePoint online site, this is what you will see.


6. If you want to find out about the URL for this document, Right click on the document and go to properties

Finding URL for Office 365 document

7. You want to copy the URL of the documents which you uploaded to SharePoint online site

document propertiy for office 365

8. If you want to insert documents to SharePoint online or Office 365 site, please follow see following instructions
Edit the page which you want to insert documents in Office 365 site

adding hyperlink to Office 365 document

9. In above example, I am adding a document called Testing Document to page in Office 365 site

– Highlight Testing Document
– Click Hyperlink to insert the document as a link
– Select Link to from my documents

Insert a link to Office 365 document

10. Select the documents which you want to link and click OK. This will insert the link for the title. When user click on this link in your Office 365 site, the document will open from this location.

11. Office 365/SharePoint online site allows you to upload multiple or single documents to folder and allows you to link each documents to your SharePoint online pages.

Power Shell Command Builder for SharePoint 2010 and Office 365

Silverlight application allow you to visually assemble commands and you can use these commands for SharePoint 2010 and Office 365 administration purpose.
Great tools for those who want to create Power Shell scripts fast.


Supported Products : SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and Office 365

Windows Power Shell Command Builder

Build your own Power Shell Scripts

Build Power Shell Scripts for SharePoint 2010

Hybrid SharePoint Environments with Office 365

Hybrid SharePoint environments combine on-premises Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with Office 365 — Microsoft SharePoint Online


Hybrid environments enable organizations to achieve a higher degree of flexibility than forcing a choice between either an on-premises or cloud model. Organizations can start to achieve the benefits associated with the use of cloud computing coupled with the customization flexibility and tight data governance of an on-premises system, while delivering a consistent experience to users.

Download Designing Hybrid SharePoint Environments Document