Cloudera Reference Architecture

MapR Installation

MapR Installation

What happens if the MapR administrator account is not present on the OS when installing MapR?

The MapR administrator will be created during the installation process, if it dose not already exist. As with all clusters users, it’s UID and GID must be same on all nodes in the cluster.
What information do you need to supply to the script?
You need to provide credentials for the MapR administrator account

When do you install the MapR license?

You can install a trail license through the web installer or you can add a license after the installation completes


During the node verification, what dose a white node icon signify?


The node icons are white while they are being verified, and change color once verification is complete. Green means the node is ready for installation. Yellow means installation can proceed, but there are warnings on that node. Red means that there is a problem with the node that prevents it from being part of the cluster.
What is the most likely cause of failed services immediately after installation?
It is not unusual to see a  failed service that first time you log into the MCS;this is because MapR attempts to start the services before the license was applied. Once the license is applied, restart any failed services.

Service Layout for a Large Hadoop Cluster using MapR

Service Layout for a Large Hadoop Cluster using MapR


Service Layout for a small Hadoop Cluster using MapR


Following can negatively impact hadoop cluster performance

1. Nodes with disk of different sizes
2. Nodes with disk of different speeds