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Forefront identity Manager Service not available. Please contact your help desk or system administratorFIM_Service_Not_Available

You may get this message for several reasons but in this case, C drive ran out of space. Forefront Identity manager Events logs in following location: C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs and sometime this will grow very fast and it will use all the space in C drive.  Check the status available space in your C drive and it’s full you may want to delete some of the log files to free up the space and restart the computer.

Also see how to delete event log automatically :

PS C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Reporting\PowerShell> .\Start-FIMReportingInitialSync.ps1
Import-FIMConfig : Failure when making web service call.
SourceObjectID = e664d4b5-3874-40dc-81e0-53068a1480b3
Error = The web service client has encountered the following class of error: SystemConstraint
Details: Failed Attributes:
Additional Text Details: The Request contains changes that violate system constraints.
Correlation Identifier: 506742e1-ee39-4ed8-b79d-528da466e0f3
Failure Message:
Request Identifier:
At C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Reporting\PowerShell\Start-FIMReportingInitialSync.ps1:46
+ $undone = $importObject | Import-FIMConfig <<<< -uri $uri;
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (:) [Import-FIMConfig], InvalidOperationException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : ImportConfig,Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Automation.ImportConfig


Based on:

It says we should enable Reporting Logging. I made sure Reporting Logging enabled but still having problem.


I am stilling trying to find the solution and when I have one, I will update the post



Go to computer\HKEY_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\FIMService
Make sure Reporting Enable have value of 1


I ran the script again and this time I am not getting any error messages