How to block Facebook game requests?

How to block Facebook game requests?

To block annoying facebook game request, perform the following task to stop getting notification from Facebook

1. Login to Facebook

2. In left hand side below your profile you will see following heading.  Pages, Apps, Griends, Groups, Interests, Developers and Events

3. Below Apps, Click on GAMES

how to block annoying facebook game requests

4. Double click on the game which you want to block notification from Facebook users.  I selected Candy Crush Saga since I don’t want any users send me notification to pay Candy Crush Saga in Facebook.

Block notification from Facebook for Games

5. In the Game properties,  you will see a link “Block”. See the image for more information about how to block game request from users in Facebook.

Block Game Request from Facebook users
Block Game Request from Facebook users

6. Click on  “Block” and you will see a Pop up window asking to confirm Block App

Blocking Candy Crush Saga will prevent others from sending you invitations and requests for this app and you will prevents this app from getting any info about you.
This will also prevent you from seeing Candy Crush Saga if other people have installed.

Block Game Request from Facebook confirmation
Block Game Request from Facebook confirmation

Click on Confirm to not to see any more Candy Crush Saga game request from your friends in Facebook.