Protection for Virtualized SharePoint 2010 Farms

This white paper describes the design, deployment, and validation of a comprehensive midsize Microsoft SharePoint 2010 solution.   This solution is based on VMware vSphere 4.1 technologies for server virtualization and availability.   EMC CLARiiON CX4-130 is used as the storage platform for virtual machine data, content and remote BLOB storage (RBS).   Finally, EMC RecoverPoint, which is integrated with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM), ensures continuous availability of the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 farm.

Download Whitepaper: Protection for Virtualized SharePoint 2010 Farms

EMC Continuous Protection for Virtualized SharePoint 2010 Farms

Download Whitepaper: Protection for Virtualized SharePoint 2010 Farms

How do I audit my SAN Environment?

If your looking for a sample SAN audit documentation to audit your SAN environment, have a look at The Most Effective Methodology to Assess Your Infrastructure from EMC
Great document contain all the information you needed to successfully audit your san environment.

A storage area network (SAN) is one of the most important subsystems of a storage complex and a  significant component of Private Cloud infrastructure. That’s why an accurate SAN audit has to be a
regular and essential procedure within data center administration

General questionnaire about SAN Auditing

Sites and communication channel

How many sites do you have?

How many server rooms are there on each site (only with equipment connected to SAN)?

What are the main roles of each data center (main /reserve/test, what else)?

What are the distances between sites (cables distance)?

What are the distances between server rooms on each site (cables distance)?

Which and how many communication channels do you have between sites?

If needed, do you have financial and physical resources to get additional channels between sites?

If yes, which and how many?

How long will it take to get them?

SAN infrastructure


Do you have a Visio drawing or other diagram of the SAN infrastructure?

If so, can you provide a copy?

Which SAN platforms do you use (FC-switch and router vendors)?

If multiple SAN platforms, why do you use different platforms?

If SAN development was implemented during formal projects, can you provide a copy of the
project descriptions and final results?

What SAN configuration information do you have?

Can you provide a copy of documents and spreadsheets?

Do you have detailed connectivity information (end-device to switch port)?

If so, can you provide a copy?

Do you have detailed cable labeling information (FC cable label to end-device HBA port)?

If so, can you provide a copy?

Do you have a cable labeling formalized rule?If so, please describe it.

Do you have a strict rule to label each cable?

If so, does everybody follow this rule?

What software do you use for SAN management and monitoring?

Are you happy with it?

What are your biggest pain points in SAN administration and provisioning?


Which company is responsible for support of FC switches?

How many new servers HBAs were connected to SAN during the last 3 years?

How many servers HBA are you going to connect to SAN within the next 3 years?

 Brocade SANhealth result

 Cisco Fabric Manager Web Client report