Data storage market overview: State of the market in 2014

Data storage market overview: State of the market in 2014

Tech Expectations

(updated 5/15/14)

Data storage is a massive market ($22.5 billion for the 2013 high end storage market alone), and has reached a critical point in its evolution, highlighted by dramatic changes in base technologies, interfaces, and service models. EMC’s recent acquisition of DSSD was another thought-provoking data point.

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Data Backup for Dummies – eBook

Data sets are growing at phenomenal rates. Users demand instant availability of information. Maintenance windows are no longer acceptable. Regulation is watching backup pretty closely with requirements for encryption and retention. In other words – backups are becoming a nuisance.

Fortunately, there’s a solution in EVaulting, also known as backup to the cloud. This expert guide contains various chapters about backup problems and how EVaulting can solve them, including:

  • Wrestling with backup challenges
  • Understanding backup technologies
  • Evaluating backup solutions
  • Top 10 reasons to switch to EVaulting
  • And more

Check out this guide to learn more about these backup challenges and how EVaulting can address the performance, regulatory, and privacy issues related to backup.

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