Simple Storage Service or S3 Questions and answers

1) What is the S3 feature that allows you to store and access older iterations of objects?
– Versioning

If versioning is enabled, S3 will keep track of and store older versions of a file each time a newer version is uploaded.
2) By setting proper permissions on the object level, you can allow the public to download the object via a URL.

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3) If you have an object that is easily reproducible and must be quickly accessible, what would be the best storage class to use for it?

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One Zone-Infrequent Access

You should only use Amazon S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access for objects that are easily reproducible due to objects being stored in one AZ. As a trade-off, it is a cheaper storage class than standard.

4) S3 is a bulk storage service where you can store any type of file.

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5) An S3 bucket name can have any name and format you like.

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S3 names must be unique across all AWS accounts worldwide, and must follow specific naming rules.
6) S3 stands for Simple Storage Solutions.
True or False: FALSE
S3 stands for Simple Storage Service
8) What feature MUST be used to change an object’s storage class to Glacier?

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The only way to set an objects storage class to Glacier is through object lifecycles.

DevOps Questions and Answers

What DevOps practice is AWS CloudFormation used for?
– Infrastructure as Code

Which cloud architectural model only lets you deploy small, single-purpose functions instead of larger applications?

– Serverless (FaaS)

A cloud provider gives you a bare OS that you are responsible for configuring. What type of cloud stack is this?

– Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
Which of the following statements about the relationship between DevOps and the cloud are accurate? (Choose all that apply)

– B. Cloud services offer tools to support DevOps.
– D. DevOps is very beneficial in the cloud.
Google Cloud Functions is an example of what type of service?
– Serverless (FaaS)

What DevOps practice does Azure Application Insights support?
– Monitoring

Cloudera Reference Architecture

Backing Up Your Amazon S3 Buckets to EC2

Amazon S3 is a wonderful data storage service — it’s really easy to integrate with your application (via Amazon-provided SDKs) and the price is unbeatable — $0.03 per GB. That’s dirt cheap compared to other cloud file storage solutions. And AWS is one of the most trusted names in cloud technology today, in terms of security, stability, redundancy, scalability and reliability.


One drawback with Amazon S3 is the lack of automatic backups, and the fact that it’s so easy to accidentally delete sensitive files with a simple coding mistake, or even worse, the entire S3 bucket with the click of a button.

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AWS Marketplace Adds SharePoint Enterprise

SharePoint now available in AWS MarketPlace

SharePoint Enterprise is now available to purchase and deploy in AWS Marketplace. Designed to suit the needs of many different types and sizes of organizations up to and including multinational enterprises, SharePoint Enterprise supports custom applications, mobile applications, social media integration, business intelligence, and advanced content management