Install Jenkins in Windows

How to install Jenkins in Windows

  1. Go to
  2. Download Windows package


  3. Double click on package


  4. Welcome to the Jenkins 2.138 Setup Wizard in Windows


  5. Jenkins 2.138 Setup: Select Destination Folder- Click Next to install to the default folder or click change to choose another


  6. Ready to Install Jenkins 2.138 : Click Install to begin the installation. Click Back to review or change any of your installation settings. Click Cancel to exit wizard


  7. Complete the Jenkins 2.138 setup wizard


  8. Once the installation completes, browser will open up and the url would be http://localhost:8080


  9. Unlock Jenkins: To ensure Jenkins is securely setup by the administrator, a password has been written to the log and the file on the server. Go the following path and open the file in text editor and copy and past in Administrator password section.


  10. Next screen allow you to customize Jenkins. Install suggested plugins and select plugins to install


  11. Install Suggested Plugins will install plugins that Jenkins community finds most useful.


  12. Once the installation completes, you ready to use Jenkis


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