About Me

Founder and Chief Strategy Office of Blockchain Mind Inc . He is an IT technology Entrepreneur, Stocks Advisor at Vetr (crowdsourced stock rating site) and having over 13,000 followers. He had been contributing to his technical blog (AryanNava) for last 10 years and over 1.2 million views so far with 2000 followers. He is currently working on smart contract development, setting up workshop to educate general public about cryptocurrency trading, Setting up private Blockchain, Developing supply chain Blockchain platform & Helping clients to launch ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) on Ethereum & building smart parking using Blockchain and Hardware wallet.


I worked in the Big Data/Data Analytics/Middleware/Storage sector for the last 18+ years for corporations like Toronto Stock Exchange, Canadian Depository for Securities, TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Trust, Economical Insurance, Extendicare, Direct Energy and E-health Ontario and Lehman Brothers

I have a background in Big Data, Cloud, IT Security, Sales, Channel Management, Start-ups, technical/business skills regarding blockchain, Crypto Currencies, Initial Coin Offering and a good network of contacts in Tech/Finance sectors in Toronto, New York, Bay Area and Bangalore.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aryannava/
Email: info@blockchainmind.com

One thought on “About Me

  1. Saiful

    Email Notification in Sharepoint 2010

    I am using alert me function in one of my document. Its give me the alert (send me email) when first I created. But when I modify anything in that document it doesn’t send any email.
    I want to get email me (or other who has added for alert)if any kind of changed . Can you give any advice how can I do that?


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