LNKO DeFi Wallet and Token Updates

  1. In order to give back to LNKO investors’ support for the project, it’s decided to implement an plan for LP and above investors registered before July 10, 23:59(HKT), 2019, giving the equivalent LNKO rewards according to 1% of the total value of individual purchased fund. The awards will be issued after 3 days of asset snapshot. airdrop reward
  2. Investors can choose to purchase at LNKO APP, and there will be no redemption fee if you redeem after 120 days. If the purchase period is less than 120 days, 35% fee will be deducted.
  3. In order to ensure the smooth development of LNKO’s distributed finance ecosystem, the platform will implement a locking plan for all registered members and investors registered before July 9, 23:59(HKT), 2019, locking 80% of the LNKO quantity (subject to asset snapshot data). The locking period is 6 months and the reward is 18%. When it finishes, it will be automatically released by system in 5 months (20% of LNKO each Month). All locked and rewarded LNKO tokens will be automatically transferred to a special address, where all members and investors can examine at any time.
  4. Since July 11, 00:00(HKT), 2019, LNKO Tokens gained by fund income, promote income, special DIV, airdrop reward and other unlocked LNKO tokens can be withdrawn to wallets (ERC 20) or secondard markets for storing and exchanging.

5. From July 16 to September 16, 2019, investors can use LNKO as an asset option for fund purchase.

6. In order to protect the rights of LNKO investors, after LNKO launches mainstream exchanges, part of funds will be invested in the secondary market to participate in market value management to maintain the health and stability of the LNKO.

LNKO’s distributed finance ecosystem relies on the industry’s most advanced blockchain technology to develop a diversified distributed finance business that aims to create the next generation of leading DeFi application development and the blockchain central platform. It disrupts traditional business structures and builds an open and innovative distributed business and financial system.

Download : https://lnko.io/
Use Invitation Code: 5AQCEZ

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