LNKO – The future of DeFi distributed finance

LNKO #DeFi Platform

The blockchain has been hailed by the Wall Street Journal as the biggest financial innovation in humans in the past 500 years, while the DeFi distributed financial ecosystem is the most valuable and influential application scenario in 2019 and even in the next few years . DeFi is a blockchain smart contract. The intermediary financial instruments group provides a combination of traditional banking, securities and insurance functions such as borrowing, lending, mortgage, hedging, leverage, options, and insurance, and is more free, safer and more efficient.

DeFi, as a landing application in the emerging financial sector, is in the early stages of the booming industry, and now there are more than 1,000 decentralized financial services applications based on Ethereum . Among them, one project has triggered close attention in the industry in just a few months – LNKO distributed financial ecology.

What is LNKO?

According to reports, LNKO’s distributed financial ecosystem relies on the world’s most advanced blockchain technology to develop a diversified distributed financial business, aiming to build a more diverse and more compatible LNKO ecosystem, and to create the next generation of leading DeFi application development and The ecological construction blockchain central platform subverts the traditional commercial structure and builds an open and innovative distributed business and financial system.

Unlike other functional DeFi projects, LNKO is not satisfied with becoming an “upgrade” or “ alternative” of traditional financial instruments , but rather to use the underlying blockchain technology to create open, decentralized , user- oriented The new application form, namely LNKO distributed financial ecology.

The LNKO technology R&D team uses the self-developed App as an ecological carrier. Since the public beta on April 16, 2019, it has been committed to expanding DeFi distributed financial services, and constantly improving its ecological functions while bringing excellent user experience. Module. LNKO now supports fund purchases in several major digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, EOS and USDT, and will launch a heavy eco-application, LNKO CHAT Encrypted Communications, on September 6, 2019 to build its social financial ecosystem. In the future, we will also create ecological applications such as short video, lending, futures, games, insurance, cross-border e-commerce, and get rid of the platform, and build a free economic world with the Internet as the medium.

It is worth mentioning that the LNKO team has released its new strategic plan and implementation plan, marking the development of LNKO’s distributed financial industry into a healthy and benign second stage. In the new strategic layout, the LNKO team innovatively proposed the use of LNKO Token as an ecological certificate for fund purchases, fund redemption, cash withdrawals, landing applications for all major ecological sectors , and redemption of encrypted communication red packets. Reward, social finance, game chip exchange, cross-border e-commerce platform payment and many other functions. This move fully implements the concept of “value investment”, which not only provides strong support for the healthy development of LNKO’s distributed financial ecosystem, but also maximizes the interests of investors. This new development path will also be used for various DeFi applications. the whole industry chain blocks mention for new development ideas.

LNKO – the next generation of leading blockchain backbone platform for DeFi application development and ecological construction.

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