LNKO CHAT will officially launch on September 6, 2019!

LNKO CHAT will officially launch on September 6, 2019!

Dear LNKO investors and users:

With the vigorous development of LNKO’s distributed finance ecosystem in the global market, in order to better serve investors and users, LNKO technical team has been developing LNKO CHAT for last few months. LNKO CHAT is an encrypted communication application which integrates social finance and is an essential part of LNKO’s distributed finance ecosystem.

According to the evaluation of developing progress, LNKO CHAT will launch ahead of schedule in LNKO Global Members’ Carnival(Thai Station) LNKO CHAT Launching Ceremony on September 6, 2019. And the interface, functions and other details of LNKO CHAT will be announced later, so stay tuned!

LNKO’s distributed financial ecosystem relies on the industry’s most advanced blockchain technology to develop a diversified distributed financial business that aims to create the next generation of leading DeFi application development and giant blockchain platform. It disrupts traditional business structures and builds an open and innovative distributed business and
financial system.

Visit https://lnko.io to download and install the latest version.
Reference: 5aqcez

Installation Instruction for iOS: https://deficoin.io/lnkowallet/2019/06/24/how-to-install-lnko-wallet-in-ios/

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