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Comparing to Plus, LNKO has similar concept but better technology and more contents in its community. Did you miss Plus from $0.1 to $80? Join LNKO and you will get there.

How to play LNKO?

1. Download from https://app.lnko.io and register. You need the invitation code: 5aqcez
2. Deposit US$500 or more equvelence of EOS
3. Use these EOS to buy the fund (in Wealth page)
4. Done and wait for the your dividend.

The devidend will be paid as LNKO (this is the way you get LNKO). The monthly interest rate is 10.6%. But you don’t have to wait a month to claim your devidend. You can claim it EVERY hour. You can withdraw your LNKO anytime you want. You can also redempt your principal (EOS) anytime you want.

You may also want to refer others to join LNKO and you will get 100% of the profit of your direct referrals.

So here is a summary of your profit:
1. 10.6% of your principal
2. profit of LNKO price increased
3. if you want, profit from your referrals

Installation Instruction for iOS : http://www.deficoin.io/install-lnko-app.html



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