How to update Active Directory Manager Filed

July 15, 2011 — Leave a comment

Updating Active Directory ‘Manager’ field using code snippet

Here is the code snippet to set the user manager field in AD.

let say we want to create a new user with loginname test1 and set the manager field of user "test2" to "test1"

//Creating the user test1

DirectoryEntry myLdapConnection= new DirectoryEntry(LDAPPath, LDAPUser, LDAPPassword, AuthenticationTypes.Secure);
DirectoryEntry test1 = myLdapConnection.Children.Add("CN=" + "test1", "user");

//now get the user with loginname test2
DirectorySearcher directorySearch = new DirectorySearcher(myLdapConnection);
directorySearch.Filter = "(&(objectClass=user)(SAMAccountName=test2*))";
SearchResult   results = directorySearch.FindOne();
if (results != null)
DirectoryEntry test2= new DirectoryEntry(results.Path, LDAPUser, LDAPPassword);
string distinguishedName=test2.Properties["distinguishedName"][0].ToString();

//to set the manager field for a user in AD we need to assign it the distinguishedName of the user.
test1.Properties["manager"] =distinguishedName;


By Arfan Baig
How to update Active Directory Manager Filed

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