December 22, 2010 — 5 Comments

When starting Virtual Box virtual machine, you may get this error message if your computer is not enabled to support Virtualization Technology in BIOS

In my case, I am using HP Laptop and this is what I have to do in BIOS


Press F10 when computer boot up

Go to BIOS configuration and enable virtualization technology



Enable Virtualization Technology, HP

5 responses to verr_vmx_msr_locked_or_disabled


    I had the same problem and not sure what to do until I found the answer here. Thank for posting this information


    Information is very helpful. I faced similar issue in ubuntu 11.01 on Virtual box 4.x. your solution saved my time.


    not worked for me too. I am still getting the same error.


    Ubuntu 11.10 worked fine even without virtualization technology

    I`ve turned on even I/O virtualization technology, but Mac OS still don`t want to start up…


    If you’re using HP desktop, check the virtualization settings under “Security” menu. I don’t know why its kept under that section.

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