SharePoint Theme Builder for 2010

Using Theme Builder for Office 2007 and 2010 we can create Themes that can also be used in your SharePoint 2010 sites.  Using the interface (see above) you can assign colors to the various areas that match those that SharePoint is looking for (accents, hyperlinks, etc).  Once created, you can upload the Theme to the Gallery, and then reference it in the Theme Settings.


Download the theme builder by going to

  1. Open up Theme Builder
  2. Assign different colors to the various accents and hyperlinks
  3. Select the font of the major and minor fonts
    • Major=Heading Font; Minor=Body Font in SharePoint
  4. Test the Theme in Powerpoint

  5. Save the Theme inside the PowerPoint interface
  6. Open up the SharePoint 2010 Site you wish to play with
  7. Navigate Site Actions –> Site Settings
  8. Select Themes under the Galleries section
  9. Upload the Theme created/saved in the steps above
  10. Navigate back to the Site Settings page, then select Site Theme under the Look and Feel section
    • You should now see your uploaded Theme as a choice in the list
  11. Select the new Theme…the color scheme, accents, hyperlinks and fonts in the page will now reflect your Theme
  12. Select the <Apply> button
  13. Your site now has this new Theme throughout

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