Create Site Collection in New Database Using STSADM.EXE

In SharePoint 2007, if you want to create a new site collection in SQL Server

For example, I want to create a top level site in SharePoint but want a separate database like in the image

I open up STSADM.EXE and type the following commands

stsadm -o createsiteinnewdb -url http://vapp05/sites/abc -owneremail -ownerlogin domain\username -sitetemplate SPSPORTAL#0 -title “MyTitle” -databaseserver vAPP05 -databasename abc_content_db


stsadm -o createsiteinnewdb -url http://intranet/sites/abc -owneremail -ownerlogin intranet\admin -sitetemplate SPSPORTAL#0 -title “ABC Site” -databaseserver devDB -databasename abc_content_db

I hope this helps

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