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Social Media Acceptable Use Policy Training for Employees
This PowerPoint presentation communicates social media risks, corporate policy, and usage guidelines to help employees mitigate risk. The content of this presentation can be adapted for new-hire training or ongoing employee education programs.

New Social Media Acceptable Policy Announcement Email Sample
This document provides a format for announcing your new social media acceptable use policy.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy Worksheet Sample
This worksheet helps you define acceptable use policy for employees across all content categories, including social media, games, shopping, adult, etc.

Social Media Acceptable Use Policy Education for Employees
This section communicates social media risks, company policy, and guidelines to mitigate risk. This sample document can be adapted to employee handbooks, announcements, etc.

Where I can find social media acceptable use security policy templates?

Social Media Acceptable Use Security Policy for Information Security

This sample is for information security professionals and provides the basis for all other sections of the toolkit. It contains:

  • Definition of social media
  • Authorization for general and corporate use
  • Description of inappropriate content
  • Policy for productivity, content publishing, and confidentiality
  • Guidelines for malware and online crime prevention
  • Description of technical controls