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How to enable search scope dropdown in SharePoint 2010? Example All Site Search, Current Site and People Search as a dropdown.

By default when you create sites in SharePoint 2010, your search will only allow you to search current site

Default SharePoint 2010 Search

To enable search scope dropdown in SharePoint 2010, please follow the instructions.

1. Go to Site Actions | Site Settings |  Site Collection Administration | Search Settings |

Enable Search Scope in SharePoint 2010

2.  By default it will say Do not use custom scope. Use only contextual scopes (such as “This Site”). Display results in the site collection
search results page configured below.  This is the reason we are not able to see the search scope dropdown in SharePoint 2010 sites.

Enable Custom Scopes (such as "All Sites")


3. To enable custom search scope, check “ Enable Custom Search Scope” and enter the search URL. Your search URL should be
/search/pages/default.aspx and specify the dropdown mode for search boxes.  Click ok and go back to your site

Enable Custom Search in SharePoint 2010

4. Now you will see a drop down list in SharePoint 2010 sites

Dropdow mode for search boxes in SharePoint 2010


Customizing the User Experience with FAST Search using SharePoint 2010

As part of its migration to SharePoint 2010, Microsoft IT recently deployed FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 and the enterprise search service for its hosted environments. The goal was to provide an experience that is more efficient and effective for its end users. This video will cover some aspects about the implementation and support of the enterprise search farm.

Download : How-Microsoft-IT-Deployed-FAST-Search-for-SharePoint-2010