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How to Install Windows Server 2012 in virtual machine?  Using Windows Azure, you can easily install Windows 2012 server.  You can find all the steps for setting up Windows 2012 in Windows Azure

1. Go to and setup a Windows Azure 90 day free trial

2. Once  you setup your account, click  Portal or visit :


3. To get started Click Create a virtual machine to start creating Windows 2012 virtual Server

Creating Windows 2012 Virtual Machine

4. Click Compute | Virtual Machine | Quick Create |


Select the DNS Name


From the Image dropdown, select Windows 2012 Server

Windows Server 2012 Image

and click on create virtual Machine

Creating Windows 2012 Server Virtual Machine

5. Windows Azure will start provisioning Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machine

6. After a while your Windows 2012 Server virtual machine will be ready. Click Connect, this will open up RDP connection window

Connecting Windows Server 2012 in Azure

7. Enter the password to connect to Windows 2012 Virtual Machine


8. Connected to Windows 2012 Virtual Machine which I created using Windows Azure



There are many ways to create Virtual machine but if you want to learn/test Windows 2012 server this would be the quick way to create Windows 2012 Virtual Machine using Windows Azure

Windows Server 2012 Free eBook

Chapter 1 The business need for Windows Server 2012
The rationale behind cloud computing Making the transition
Technical requirements for successful cloud computing
Four ways Windows Server 2012 delivers value for cloud computing Foundation for building your private cloud

Chapter 2 Foundation for building your private cloud
A complete virtualization platform
Increase scalability and performance Business continuity for virtualized workloads

Chapter 3 Highly available, easy-to-manage multi-server platform
Continuous availability
Cost efficiency
Management efficiency

Chapter 4 Deploy web applications on premises and in the cloud
Scalable and elastic web platform
Support for open standards

Chapter 5 Enabling the modern workstyle
Access virtually anywhere, from any device
Full Windows experience
Enhanced security and compliance

Windows Server 2012 Free eBook

• Designed for Microsoft Partners, early adopters, and experienced IT Pros/ITDMs familiar with Microsoft server technologies
• All twelve (12) modules are under an hour and packed with engaging discussion and real-world demos — watch them all!

Links to Every Module from this Jump Start
The HD-quality video recordings of this course are published to TechNet Edge and are highly recommended. Windows Server 2012 is a game-changing release for so many reasons and this course will help experienced IT Pros truly understand why — check it out!

• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (01): Core Hyper-V
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (02a): Virtualization Infrastructure, Part 1
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (02b): Virtualization Infrastructure, Part 2
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (03a): Storage Architecture, Part 1
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (03b): Storage Architecture, Part 2
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (04): Continuous Availability
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (05a): Multi-Server Management, Part 1
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (05b): Multi-Server Management, Part 2
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (06a): Security and Access, Part 1
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (06b): Security and Access, Part 2
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (07): Remote Connectivity and Networking
• Windows Server 2012 Jump Start (08): IIS, DHCP and IPAM

How to add new users in Active Directory 2010?
This post provide steps need to create account in Active Directory 2012

1. Open Server Manager | AD | Tools | Active Directory Users and Computers

Active Directory Users and Computers in Windows Server 2012

2. Right click on Users | New User


Add users properties and click next. 


Setup a password for your account and click finish to complete creating account in Active Directory 2012

How to install  Active Directory in Windows Server 2012?

This post will explain how to enable and install the Active Directory Domain Services role on Windows Server 2012 to setup a Domain Controller.

To start with adding the Active Directory Domain Services role click on ‘Add roles and features’ in the Server Manager



Click on ’Next’ on the before you begin information page.


Select if you want to do a role-based and feature-based installation or a Remote Desktop services installation.


Choose if you want to select a Server from the server pool or Select a virtual hard disk.


  In the next screen, select the ‘Active Directory Domain Services’ role and click ‘Next’



Click ‘Next’ to continue with installing the AD Domain Services




Click next to  Active Directory Domain Services info screen.


active-directory 2012 -domain-services-


Click ‘Install’ to start the actual installation after confirming the changes

Active Directory 2012 confirm-installation-selections

The installation process will start

Active Directory 2012 Installation-progress

Active Directory 2012 installed. Close the screen

Active Directory 2012 Installation active-directory-installation-results-

There will be a notification in the Server Manager that ‘Configuration is required for
Active Directory Domain Services’.

Active Directory 2012 Installation -promote-this-server-to-domain

Select the AD DS role on the left part of the screen to view the status of the Active Directory Domain Services.
In the action list click on ‘Promote this server to a domain controller’.
Active directory domain services configuration wizard will be open. Select the deployment operation and click next

Active Directory 2012 Installation -add-a-new-forest-12

Active Directory Domain Services 2012 Configuration Wizard : Domain Controller options
Select functional level of the new forest and root domain, Specify domain controller capabilities and type
the directory services restore mode DSRM Password



Verify the NetBIOS name assigned to the domain and change if necessary

Active Directory 2012 Installation - Additional-options-13


Specify the location of the AD DS database, log files and SYSVOL


Review your Active Directory 2012 selection and click next to install Active Directory 2012


Prerequisites need to be validated before Active Directory Domain Services is install on this computer. Since this is my testing environment,
I am going to ignore all the prerequisites and go head and install Active Directory 2012



Click Install to complete your Active  Directory 2012 Installation