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Understanding the DNS of Data Science


Data Science is the competitive advantage of the future for organizations interested in turning their data into a product through analytics. Industries from health, to national security, to finance, to energy can be improved by creating better data analytics through Data Science.

The Field Guide to Data Science

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Learn about the benefits of the latest virtualization technologies and how to plan, implement, and manage virtual infrastructure solutions based on these technologies.
Free eBook from Microsoft about Virtualization Solutions

Chapter 1 What’s New in Windows Server R2 1
Chapter 2 Installation and Configuration: Adding R2 to Your World 9
Chapter 3 Hyper-V: Scaling and Migrating Virtual Machines 25
Chapter 4 Remote Desktop Services and VDI: Centralizing Desktop and Application Management 47
Chapter 5 Active Directory: Improving and Automating Identity and Access 65
Chapter 6 The File Services Role 91
Chapter 7 IIS 7.5: Improving the Web Application Platform 109
Chapter 8 DirectAccess and Network Policy Server 129
Chapter 9 Other Features and Enhancements 147

How do I find out list of all SharePoint books which is out there in the market?
Find a list of development books about SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010, and SharePoint Designer 2010


Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development

by Steven Fox


Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010

by Ted Pattison, Andrew Connell, Scot Hillier, and David Mann.


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Web Applications The Complete Reference

by Charlie Holland

Professional SharePoint 2010 Development

by Tom Rizzo, Reza Alirezaei, Jeff Fried, and Paul Swider



Professional SharePoint Branding and User Interface Design

by Randy Drisgill, John Ross, Jacob J. Sanford, and Paul Stubbs




Real World SharePoint 2010: Indispensable Experiences from 22 MVPs

by Scot Hillier

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The Shortcut Guide to Smart Network Management for the SMB

The Shortcut Guide to Smart Network Management for the SMB
by Chris Hampton

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are facing tough times in today’s economy. Because of tighter budgets, many businesses must demand more from the investments they have made in Information Technology. Thus, there is an immediate need for networks to work smarter, not harder. This means that devices and systems on the network must maintain availability and continue performing efficiently at no additional cost to the business and the users. The challenge is daunting – from critical messaging systems to high-density virtual infrastructures, an administrator needs to discover, monitor, and track availability and performance across every device and system.This book provides an analysis of these challenges and a clear understanding of how smart network management can meet them.

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The Essentials Series: Using Cloud Services to Improve Web Security

Using Cloud Services to Improve Web Security
by Mike Danseglio

Companies entrust their security systems with a great deal of responsibility. Such systems must protect corporate assets from an unending proliferation of online attack, abide by regulatory compliance standards, monitor all legal exposure to stockholders and employees alike, and keep intellectual property from leaking through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. In this series, author and IT expert Mike Danseglio explains many of these new threats and security requirements, and explores how Web security delivered through cloud services can address them. In addition to discussing the many concerns and questions over cloud-based security, Danseglio offers a number of cloud-based approaches, including protection strategies for mobile workers and portable devices. This series closes with a discussion of how Web security delivered through cloud services differs from large, on-site security infrastructures, and how this new setup can deliver cost-efficient and seamless protection against the dynamic attack landscape.

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Automating Windows 7 Installation for Desktop and VDI Environments

Chapter 5: User Virtualization: Tools and Techniques in Preserving User Data

The only way your Windows 7 upgrade project will be considered a success is if you can protect existing data and ensure it arrives back on users’ upgraded computers. Even the smallest amount of missing data creates stress and negative attitudes that cause upgrade projects to fail. This chapter is all about user data. You’ll find that the thin approach works very well here. The MDT in combination with Microsoft User State Migration Tool (USMT—yet another acronym!) will enable you to layer user state data over the top of a deployed OS.

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Private Clouds: Selecting the Right Hardware for a Scalable Virtual Infrastructure

Private Clouds: Selecting the Right Hardware for a Scalable Virtual Infrastructure

In this book, author Greg Shields reveals how the use of the private cloud enables flexible application delivery and high availability. Included is a high-level reference architecture for creating a private cloud, along with a detailed explanation of where the modular hardware approach eliminates risk and reduces complexity. Finally, you’ll see the business case for building your own private cloud using modular hardware, proving that today’s virtualization infrastructures no longer need to be built from scratch like yesteryear’s "white box" servers.

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Part I, “Envision the Possibilities,” introduces you to the changes in Office 2010 and shows you how you can make the most of the new features to fit the way you work today. Chapter 1, “Welcome to Office 2010,” gives you a play-by-play introduction to new features; Chapter 2, “Express Yourself Effectively and Efficiently,” details the great feature enhancements and visual effects throughout the applications; and Chapter 3, “Work Anywhere with Office 2010,” explores the flexibility factor by presenting a set of scenarios that enable users to complete their work no matter where their path takes them.

Part II, “Hit the Ground Running,” focuses on each of the Office 2010 applications in turn, spotlighting the key new features and showing how they relate to the whole. These chapters provide a how-to guide for many of the top features you’re likely to use right off the bat, and they offer inspiring ideas on how to get the most from your favorite applications.

Part III, “Next Steps with Office 2010,” zooms up to the big picture and provides examples to help you think through interoperability. How often do you use the various Office applications together? Customer research shows that people often don’t realize how well the applications work together as a complete system—which means they might be laboring over items they could easily incorporate from somewhere else. This part of the book provides examples for integrating the applications and explores Office 2010 security and training opportunities, as well.

First Look Microsoft Office 2010

here it is (in XPS) and here it is (in PDF). 14 chapters: dive in and enjoy!

Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

PART I   Database Administration

CHAPTER 1   SQL Server 2008 R2 Editions and Enhancements 3
CHAPTER 2   Multi-Server Administration 21
CHAPTER 3   Data-Tier Applications 41
CHAPTER 4   High Availability and Virtualization Enhancements 63
CHAPTER 5   Consolidation and Monitoring 85

PART II   Business Intelligence Development

CHAPTER 6   Scalable Data Warehousing 109
CHAPTER 7   Master Data Services 125
CHAPTER 8   Complex Event Processing with


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Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions

You can now download Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions, From the Desktop to the Datacenter in XPS format here and in PDF format here.